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Murree enjoys the status of milestone in the history of Hill across the country. It is health giving station of country which attracts tens of thousands of “Tourists” both domestic and abroad every season. As a result Hill resort has given births to a plenty of Hotels during the last two to three decades. But the name of Hotel Faran remains on the top of the list. We have no competitor in our class, yet the level of our services and scale of facilities and the standard of our accommodation is far higher of our tariff.Faran Hotel is situated a unique venue of Kuldana Road Murree which adjacent to Mall Road (GPO Chowk), it is a distance of 1 minute walk.

Seeing is believing. You come, see and stay with us, you will feel Hotel Faran as your second home in Murree.  We do hope that our hospitality will come up to your expectation.


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